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yoga teacher training in rishikesh
yoga teacher training in rishikesh

During the residential Yoga Teacher Training Course, one of the major factors that affect the choice of yoga school is accommodation. A cozy and comfortable stay in the lap of nature accelerates the efficiency of yoga learning. It's always a blissful experience when a person practices in the calm and energetic atmosphere of Rishikesh. Understanding this, we instituted our accommodation facility in the stillness of the holy city. Our residential premises is situated in between nature. To make a memorable stay in our yoga school in Rishikesh, we equipped our accommodation facilities with all modern amenities.

Ranging from our mattress to the hot and cold water supply, we offer each and everything to our yoga students. Our motto is to provide the essence and comfort of your home. This in turn helps in cultivating the best out of yoga classes. The rising sun and spectacular view from your balcony fill your mind, body, and soul with positive energy. The chirping sounds of birds and spiritual chanting outside render the best yoga-learning atmosphere. One can quest shops for necessities such as groceries, banks, ATMs, medical stores, etc nearby our residential premises. The whole premises is equipped with CCTV surveillance and a WiFi facility.

Features of our Accommodation Facilities
  • Neat & Clean Rooms in the lap of nature
  • Shared and Private Accommodation facilities available
  • 24 Hours CCTV surveillance
  • Filtered Drinking water supply
  • Tranquil space for reading books, listening to songs, or self-dialogue
  • Attached Washrooms with hot water supply
  • Laundry Services

Accommodation In Om Setu Yoga School

Welcome To Yoga School

yoga teacher training in rishikesh
yoga teacher training in rishikesh
yoga teacher training in rishikesh
yoga teacher training in rishikesh

A sattvic and healthy diet is always energetic. The importance of sattvic food to perform yoga at its best is described in many yogic books. A sattvic diet not on provides you with energy but also helps in controlling your senses. Thus to perform the utmost state of meditation or yoga you must avoid food with spices or a non-vegetarian diet. The essence of yoga is incomplete without a proper yogic diet. Along with yoga learning and other aspects, Om Setu Yoga School also focuses on the food provided in our yoga school. All the food items prepared in our yoga school are as per the Ayurvedic techniques. The use of fresh spices, Ayurvedic herbs, and fresh vegetable outlines our food preparation process.

At Om Setu Yoga School, food is prepared onsite with fresh vegetables and organic spices. We do not compromise on the quality of food served in our yoga school. We follow the traditional Indian style of food serving and eating that includes mantra recitation before the food. The purpose of the mantra is not only the spiritual connection but also to thank god for providing us with food. We provide a healthy breakfast along with a delicious lunch and dinner. Also to keep the yogic hydrated we also juice Ayurvedic Kadas. During your Yoga Teacher Training residential course, you will also get tea twice a day along with some light snacks. All food items served in our yoga campus is purely vegetarian and we expect the students to maintain the same decorum.

At Om Setu Yoga School you'll get all types of special dietary
  • 3 Times Yogic Meal
  • Purify Drinking Water
  • Detox Juices
  • Herbal Tea
  • Pre-planned Healthy Menu
  • Vegan
  • Lactos Free
  • Organic & Raw
  • Gluten-free Sattvic Diet
  • Ayurvedic